- valentines day... - Tuesday, February 14, 2006

it's amazing how i always manage to never have a valentine on valinetine's

day. i think it's my special talent. i've started to worry about what would

happen if i ever did have a valentine. would i become one of those

psychotic girlfriends that we see in the school halls every day, clinging to

their emotionally drained boyfriends and giving the evil eye to every girl

who passes within ten feet of them? would i start to use pet names like

cuddly-bear and snookums as my mind slowly takes on the consistancy of

badly cooked oatmeal? what is a snookums anyway? luckily this year i still

don't have to worry about these things that many have come to expect with

the return of this most dreaded holiday. i don't have to worry about the the

effects of a five pound box of chocolate on the way my hubby thinks i look.

i don't have to worry about the hassle of finding the greatest valentines gift

in the universe for my boy-toy, who probably wont care anyway unless it's

something rediculously retarded like, for example, matching outfits. i am

free! free from all that is pink and frilly! free from all teddy bears that say i

love you bunches! free from all shiny objects and smelly perfumes! free i tell

you! free! and there is nothing that you can do about it!...

who am i kidding, i love valentine's day.

- Getting You Started - Monday, January 30, 2006

Hope this stuff is all okay for you, Missy. Don't forget that you can change anything later on.

Love, Ash


my name is missy. i am a 16 year old aspiring artist currently living in niceville, florida.
don't be fooled by its name though, it really isn't all that nice.
i'm just trying to get out of here as soon as i can.
school is no longer simply boring anymore, it's more of a hassle.
i could have graduated at the end of this year even though i'm only a junior.
i have enough credits to graduate, but i'm still having problems finding an art college to go to that wont put me in debt for the rest of my life because of expenses.
if anyone out there has any suggestions i would be extreamly grateful.


I don't exactly know how well this is going to work with me being an excrutiatingly slow typist and highly prone to distraction, but I am willing to try it and that is all that really matters.


my interests include life, love, friends, art, poetry, music, mayhem, and latin boys....


valentines day...
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